This ‘sansthan’ made Bihar the second largest destination for cancer treatment in India

खबरें बिहार की


Bihar has become the second largest cancer treatment destination in the country with three lakh cancer patients being treated at the Patna-based Mahavir Cancer Sansthan (MCS) every year. This is only next to the Tata Institute of Cancer Research, Mumbai.

Mahavir Cancer Sansthan is state of Art cancer centre in Patna, the capital city of state of Bihar, also known as the “Centre of healing” amongst the people of Bihar & whole eastern regions.

Bihar and Jharkhand, together make up for a major chunk of the Hindi Heartland of India. With a population of about 13 crores, the two states have a burden of about 2.5 lacs cancer patients at any given time and approximately 80,000 new cancer patients are added every year to this pool.

In comparison to the increasing number of cancer patients the existing few, and small cancer treatment units were highly inadequate to cater to their needs. This area was also lacking a comprehensive cancer centre for a long time where all the treatment facilities could be available under one roof.

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