5 Drinks In BIHAR That Helps To Hydrate During Summers


1. Sattu Drink: A Great Source of Energy.

Drinking the Sattu Sharbat helps you stay energetic throughout the day. During summers, you tend to feel fatigued and exhausted due to excessive sweating and eventually all your energy is drained. During this time, you get an urge to drink something cool and hydrating, that’s when you should consume the Sattu Sharbat as it has cooling properties that keep you active throughout the day. If you want to battle dehydration and heat stroke, Sattu Sharbat is the perfect drink. A glass of chilled sattu will keep your body temperature cool.
2. Bael Fruit During Summer

The bael fruit is rich in fiber, calcium, B vitamins and vitamin A. The fruit pulp contains 2.9 grams of fibre, 85mg of calcium, 1.2mg of vitamin B2 and 91 IU vitamin A per 100 grams. Its pulp and the juice is the most effective natural medicine against the scorching heat of summers. So, the bael is certainly one of the foods to beat the summer heat.

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