Can you guess what thread binds Aryabhatta’s discovery of ‘O’ and ‘π’to
Valmiki’s Ramayana on what is common between Kalidasa’s great work
Abhigyana’s Shakuntala or Devkinandarn Khatri’s Chandrakanta and Maha Kavi
Vidyapati Thakr’s epic poems.

Well all these great legends hail from the ancient land of ‘BIHAR’.
Where did it all start, you may ask. It all started in the year 321 BC.
The Indian emperor Chandragupta Maurya, under the guidance of political
genius Chankaya establishyed the Maurya dynasty in Magadha.

Later, Ashoka pushed the boundaries of Magadha into Persia, from Assam to
Kerela & Andhra Pradesh.
And thus, the first ever dynasty of India & the largest (biggest) empire empire in
the world was established then
Bihar derives its name from the Bodhgaya muts (MUTS) of Magadha called Vihar.
These muts were established when the great Gautam Buddha attained enlightment
in Bodhgaya.

Bihar boasts of a rich spiritual & religious culture & history. According to
Hindu mythology, Mata Seeta ( the Ardhanginis of Lord Rama) was Born here.

Jain Dharma’s Last Tirhankar, Meharira was born in Kundgram, in the
modern Hajipur of Vaishali district.
He is said to have attained enlightment in Pawapuri in Bihar.

There was a populat belief among the people the a ‘Ruler’ who would lead
the Sikhs as a brave warrier was destined to be born here. And true to this belief, a
leader was born on the banks of the holy River Ganges, now Patna Shaib. This was
Guru Gobind Singh, the 10 th guru of Sikhs.

Bihar is known for protests for its own rights. ‘The Protest against
Monarchy’. Bihar is the first region in the world that challenged monarchy a came
up with a new administrative pattern called “Gantantra or democracy’.
The first democracy came into existence in Vaishali Ganrajya in the modern
Hajipur district of Bihar.

During the Mughal era, a young warrier from Sasaram promised to chase
away the Mughal from the Indian-Boundaries.
The brave Sher-Shah, who got his name by cutting the lion into two halves
in one stroke, later chased chased away the Mughal emperor ‘Humayun’.
The modern day custom duty, the grand trunk Road, the existing method of
buying & selling land, the postal service, the rupaya currency, all are given to us
by the great Sher-Shah from Bihar.
Protests agains the Britishes, Gandhiji’s world famous Satyagraha
movement evolved in the Champaran district of Bihar.

When India got freedom Bihar gave India its first President Dr. Rajendra
Prasad. After Independence, Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan through his
Sampurna Kranti Challenged the Biggest Political Party ‘the Congress’.
“1977”, Saw the formation of the first Non-Congress government in ‘India’.
Bihar has produced a number of writers & Scholars, Prominent amongst
them are Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Baba Nagarjuna & many others.

Since the late 1970’s, due political negligence, Bihar started losing its glory as well
its resources and lagged behind the other Indian States in social and economical.
Floods worsen the condition.

Mithila Painting is a unique Style of Indian painting practiced in Mithila,
Darbhanga and Madhubani Region of Bihar. It is said that Mithila Painting
originated during the Ramayana when the king Janak Commisioned the artists to
paint during the marriage of his daughter Seeta to Lord Ram.

It was just an attempt and a little effort to uplift the glory which is unkown to many
people as well as throw some light over the State which is the one of the most
criticized state in India.
But being a true resident, I donot want this negative legacy to be continued.
Not for the wrong doings & crimes commited but for the efforts done the people. I
request people to hold hands together.



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